Lichtessenztherapie Light Essence Therapy by David Wared

Applicability of Light Essence Therapy

„For who is Light Essence Therapy according to David Wared?
For you,
For you I wish healing of the spirit.
For you I wish healing of the soul.
For you I wish healing of life.“

David Wared

Every man in search of liberation, healing or knowledge experiences exactly the convenient and directing impulses for the fullfilment of his goals and for the answering of his questions, because he is particulary receptive for them. Light Essence Therapy is applicable for every man and every species, full of blessing and helpful for all beings on our earth who are grateful and receptive fort he highest organisational power of Light Essence. Each person who has a longing for liberation, peace, love and healing in herself/himself, can with the help of Light Essence Therapy become aware of the plenitude of existence and can, in the end, further his inner protection on to his fellow beings.

Light Essence can spread unobstructed in man and in human beingsness, when he follows his longing to express the one and highest consciousness. Therefore, it is important that he accepts the five eternal values as his highest leading idea and raises into serving, healing and helping. This degree of knowledge lifts him into the realm of spirituality and then he can directly express his essence. The levels of pain and illnesses do not lie in his life field any longer and the bliss of being hole becomes reality in his every day life.

Light Essence Therapy opens up for the healing practitioners of the new time a totally different healing dimension. I have brought down to earth all knowledge with Light Awareness Philosophy so that humanity can become aware of it. Healing and being healed can reach a higher level of conscionsness in man which manifests as an increase of justice in human life.

Light Essence is available for all and can be offered to all living beings. With the help of Light Essence Therapy man can also heal globally that means, strengthen other people and communities in difficult situations so that they can practice the 5 eternal values within the families, social communities and in state affairs.

Another important and large domain is our attitude towards our Mother Earth. I call it Nature`s Justice. Here we deal with the compensation of the enormous energy which man has extracted from the earth for thousends of years, in order to enrich himself and to secure the exploits of civilisation for himself. The natural resources, of ground and nature and nature as a whole were not treated as living beings, that were to respect and honor, but as a field for exploitation. Therefore, our home planet is exhausted in our days and needs intensive care and gifts of energy in order to recover and to be able to fulfill its task to be the home of all living beings.

Light Essence Therapy has also been developed for the healing of the earth and Light Essence itself is an energy that lies at the bottom of all creation and liveliness. It is the power of all living beings that exist with or without a body.

We can praise, heal and love our Mother Earth, as this goes with a higher conscoiusness that recognizes the true and guides it into all their actions. This consciousness is healed and sends impulses to others for healing, because it longs for this and because being healed, resembles the true, original beingners. As just beings it is our wish to give back to Mother Earth some of the Light Essence and its loving creatures. They can express their loving connectedness through blessings, protection of nature, protecton of animals and a type of behaviour that honors and protects the environment.

Let us search for and explore resources that are protective and conserving and expanded human possibilities, to live as men, then we contribute to the healing and strengthenning of all beings. All areas of life, also nutrition and other resources may evolutionize and the healed, peaceful and just world for all may be experienced by all that long for a just world. Then paradise on earth may be created by us. I am deeply convinced that man can be a lasting blessing for earth.

„When you become the saviour of your feelings
and the liberator of your thoughts,
then you are the creator of peace on earth.“

David Wared