Lichtessenztherapie Light Essence Therapy by David Wared

The training to become a Light Essence Therapist

„The life on earth means:
Free yourself, heal yourself and know YOURSELF.
Thus you attain your higher truth.
Then the highest truth reveals itself to you.“

David Wared

It is a particularly gread joy to me to be allowed to offer a training in order to become a Light Essence Therapist. It takes place at the Light Awareness Academy in Düsseldorf.

This training for this blissfull theraphy is equally fitted for those who want to apply it to themselves as well as for those who want to work as a therapist. For all participants it is essential to liberate themselves, to heal themselves and to know themselves.

Light Essence Therapy has been developed for the well being of humanity, for each single person and in particular for the person who applies it personally, be it in his private life or in the therapeutic field. When a therapist encounters a sick person, it is important that he is familiar with the healing techniques for body, soul and spirit from his own experience and that he can recognize the individual and global themes.

The training comprises a general introduction into the sick and healing science, a large philosophical consideration of healing of over a hundred important life themes and the self liberation, self healing and self knowledge, which is most meaningful forthe healing of others.

Let the impulses on all levels enthuse and touch you mentally and spiritually in order to apply healed thinking, healed feeling and being healed on yourself and on others.

The Light Awareness Academy offers a training of two years which comprises 24 units of teaching and setting impulses. There is also a final exam leading to a certificate at the end of the training. The training ends with a wonderful, deeply familiar final journey during which we explore once more in community the depth of the soul, the width of the spirit and the wisdom of life.

The teaching material for the teaching is at your disponsal for a best possible preparation, accompainiment and integration. They contain the theoretical basis, the medical knowledge, short information and the definition of the concepts of Light Essence Therapy.

During the seminars you will receive, building upon the theory in practical teachings, an overview ofthe methods of Light Essence Therapy. Weinsistupon the fundamental application in order to obtain a highest measure of safety and healing competence. You will be taught in practical exercises. Doing so I insist on self healing as well as on healing of others.

In addition to the seminars, there is for the expansion of your multimediality at least one meditative retreat which makes you acquainted with certain life and healing themes and which helps to disolve distracting thoughts. Inner peace and attentiveness promote the development of your multidimensionality.

I am glad to accompany and support you in your heal-thinking, heal-feeling and being healed. Here you experience healing in a trustful togetherness, in which we assist each other and your issue may be healed.

7. Training as a light essence therapist by David Wared
Start on 27.07.2018

Nr. Appointments Topics
  Year 2018  
1 27.07. - 29.07. Philosophical basics of light essence therapy
UR, creation, UR-being, being and the principles of light
2 01.09. – 02.09. Open the heart: the heart level and the feeling, focus and flow meditation, silent and transcendental meditation by David Wared
3 29.9. – 30.9. Duality and polarity
Ego, limitation and restriction, dependencies
4 13.10. – 14.10. Perception (levels, meaning)
Awareness, introduction to the level of awareness
5 17.11. – 18.11. Free choice, liberation, responsibility,
the transformation method by David Wared
6 15.12. – 16.12. The eternally valid values: Absolutely and in duality, their realization,
Purity and the love field
  Year 2019  
7 12.01. – 13.01. Identification, self-knowledge, identity, integrity
Communication and communication levels
8 09.02. – 10.02. Dual laws: causation and liberation of blockages,
Lack, suffering, karma and reincarnation, the book of being
9 02.03. – 03.03. Healing from the light essence, activation of the light points
The breath, the silence, the spiritual evolution, the LightYoga by David Wared
10 30.03. – 31.03. Body, soul, spirit
Vibration, transcendence, unity, insight, attachment and distraction
11 06.04. – 07.04. Love in the levels of existence
Partnership and sexuality, partnership model by David Wared
12 25.04. – 28.04. Midterm exam
13 11.05. – 12.05. Mental and spiritual healing methods
Distance healing, mediality, aura reading, telepathy, dreams
14 01.06. – 02.06. Significance of diseases and symptoms, energy theory, points of light,
Color Therapy, Energy Dancing by David Wared
15 29.06. – 30.06. Materialization, dematerialization,
Nutrition and light nutrition extended humanity
16 13.07. – 14.07. Occupation, appointment
Multidimensionality, multimedia, light installation by David Wared
17 10.08. – 11.08. Wealth, abundance, giving, gratitude, forgiveness and blessing
Ethics in business life
18 31.08. – 01.09. Serenity and Peace, Truthfulness, Ethics in Politics, Culture, Education
19 28.09. – 29.09. The society in the light awareness, light children and education, fear
20 05.10. – 06.10. Earth healing, light anchoring in the earth body
Light beings as spiritual helpers and beings of light
21 26.10. – 27.10. Advanced homeopathy and other healing approaches by David Wared
22 09.11. – 10.11. Summary, Holistic healing by David Wared, to apply the essence of light, to be healed – a vision and its realization
23 30.11. – 01.12. Graduation trip, submission of the final thesis
24 19.12. – 22.12. Final exam
Award of the training certificate

Further education contents not mentioned here in the doctrine of salvation

All statements without guarantee. Errors and changes excepted.

Who can participate?

The two-year training course is designed for therapists and interested people who want to heal and be healed in the new era of light awareness.

Which prerequisites have to be fulfilled at the beginning?

We assume that you are of legal age, but can make an exception for children of light. The basic contents of the works Light Awareness Volume 1 and 2 are deepened and put into practice. They are assumed to be known at the beginning of the training.

When and where?

Duration of training: 2 years

Training location: Düsseldorf, NRW


The training costs 450, - € per training weekend.

This includes the contributions for training, inaugurations, drinks and seminar documents as well as an energetic piece of jewelery.

For the interim and final exam, we charge a fee of 500, - €.

More details can be found in the training contract.