Lichtessenztherapie Light Essence Therapy by David Wared

Summary of Light Essence Therapy

„Miracle means according to Light Awareness Philosoph:
make possible liberation, achieve healing, cause knowledge.“

David Wared

I am happy to present you a new healing therapy from old tradition, which I have given the name of Light Essence Therapy. It goes back to my family`s healing tradition of almost 500 years. It is a therapy that is issued from a healing philosophy. I am the founder of Light Awareness Philosophy and the promoter of Light Essence Therapy. Both teachings, the philosophical and the therapeutical are tightly linked together because it deals with the outstanding meaning of knowledge for healing and at the same time the necessity of a healed conscionsness for knowledge. Knowledge forms the base of the holistic concept, in particular with healing.

I have revealed this healing therapy for the first time in August 1974 and I have thus opened this familiar healing tradition for all. Along with this philosophical healing tradition I have established the longed for connection between wisdom teaching and healing teaching.

In the philosophy I have stated that the real healing force is of a spiritual nature and I deal with it in detail to show how man can connect with it, in order to practice healing for himself and for others. The Light Essence Therapy is a healing method of the new time, which is derived from the farthest and deepest understanding of healing. I am happy, as a healer/philosopher and healing practitioner to have developed this method in order to serve humanity. As a small child I asked the following questions:

For that I have examined my traditional healing knowledge, I have put a new order to it and I have modernized many traditions. And I have gone in detail far beyond to the core of the concepts of pain, becoming ill and healing. I have consultated not only medical and biological or traditional healing sources but I have applied to healing also the science of knowledge and the holistic approach of philosophy itself. In history this hasn`t been doneyet in this depth, like I have done with Light Awareness Philosophy.

From the highest philosophical insight, I have exactly deduced Light Essence Therapy and I have explained in particular the origin and the substance of the Life Force. Healing is accomplished from a creative source, for which every thing is ready. For the treatment of pain and illnesses, the unexhaustible, ever present, compensating and order bringing Light Essence is available to all living beings. “Light” designates the creative principle of expansion. It is the cause that is inherent in all beginning and in all creation. It is the begetting source of Life Force, so also the creative spirit, from which healing is derived.

“Essence” is an expanded concept for the informative being, which forms the soul, spirit core of all things, living beings, and existence. Light Essence is the UR-Energy (primordial) which is present in all and as a physical force creates movement, development and physicality. The Essence Force realises information and can express as a form. If man lacks knowledge of his beingness, then he doesn`t recognize his roots of unity with all. He then tries to exist as a seperate being and in the course of his isolation finds himself in deficiency, which makes his spirit, his soul and his body suffer. Suffering is the basis for illness, the Light Essence impulsated by the healer can certainly prevent suffering and support his healing.

The concept of “therapy” means the opening up for Light Essence for the seeker of healing, when he assumes responsibility. On the part of the therapist healing happens according to the 5 principles of therapeutic action: Accomponiment, counselling, education, assistance and treatment as impulsating of Light Essence. So the sick person is elevated on to a higher healing state and heals.

With the revolotion of the healing knowledge not only a method but a complete healing concept is avaible to all. Therapy of the body, of the soul and of the spirit is united and thus it is possible to heal not only men, but also animals, plants and Mother Earth, because they can also become ill as they have awareness. I totally and holisticaly apply Light Essence Therapy with beings in nature and with Mother Earth. I strengthen inparticular menaced animals and plant forms by healing impulses and I sponsor projects to save nature. Worldwide I dedicate myself for our fellow beings, for example for the African Rainforest, for the dolphins on the Maledives, for the trees in the Amazonas, for the Argan Forests in Marocco and for the tortoises and elephants of Bali. I have travelled to many places in order to practice healing on nature and totrain more healers, so that they can themselves continue Light Healing. I teach special seminars for the healing of trees and other plants, also for the healing of animals I give specific seminars.

Mother Earth is a living, conscious planet and a learning platform for man in order to realise the celestialon earth. It has made itself available so that we can reach a higher consciousness. The highest human consciousness expresses itself in an ethos of expandet humanity according to Light consciousness. In my healing philosophy I have extended the concept of ethics so far to beings of the Universe and which secures life on our planet. It is described via the five universal values of truth, freedom, peace, love and unity.

Man liberates himself from suffering and opens for his own universality by offering himself and all fellow beings praise, love, protection, feeling at home, sanctification and appreciation. Over thousands of years he has exploited nature and Mother Earth and thrown her into pain. Therefore, it is his task and his essential destination, yes even his longing to pay back, the stolen energy to these beings and also to engage himself for the healing of the natural world and of Mother Earth. Every kind of energy can contribute for example material energy, time or financial support for the healing of nature, animals, for detoxication, help for threatened people and a lot more. But also the energetic support through Light Essence can be used with the aim of healing fellow beings also for ourselves. It is very important to change one`s nutritionalhabits, if it still implies the killing of animals, because this is a worldwide cause of pain, which cannot continnue tobe in an expanded human world.

Expanded humanity is a complete and accomplished healing, which realises for all levels and all dimensions the praises, healing, appreciation and justice without any prejudice to the form of existence. States of suffering and illness cannot continue to exist eternally, but man is also essentially eternal and therefore he longs from his depth the healing of all existence. Light Essence Therapy is the direct and fastest method of energising, which calls man to self responsible acting and enables him to do so. Through free choice which is anchored in the 5 universal values, healing can happen through human action and the deficiency consciousness may be redeemed in man.

Light Essence Therapy precisely defines the concept of suffering and thus fecilitates its dissolution. Suffering is a state of consciousness and possible on all consciousness levels of human existences. On the spiritual level it means a lack of clarity of thought, truthfulness or spiritual orientation in the case when man is propelled by deception, illusion or by his ego awareness. People often suffer from confusion, resistance, rejection or ignorance because they have developed or adopted opinions which have painful developments in their course. Luckily free choice is an eternal value and its most important lever to liberate oneself from suffering. Liberation is the beginning of healing and concerns his attitude towards the opinions, which he has accepted as his own and mostly has a hard time letting go of them and to achieve insight (“sight of the one”) of the whole.

Suffering on the soul level is marked as a lack of ability to express himself or as a lack of connectedness with others. The soul connects the dual and separating spirit of the opinions with the essence, which is in oneness with the universal existence. Artificially produced emotions come as feelings, their originator, the ego, has no interest in unification and essential realisation but keeps man busy with emotions and false opinions as long as possible. Frequent illnesses of the soul are pain and depression or addictions that only heal when man connects again with his true soul voice and concentrates on himself. Then he experiences what depth and what beauty the true life keeps in store for him.

On the physical level suffering sets in when there is no healing happening that is transformation of the wrong expression forms on a spirit and soul level. The body comes off balance and makes clear through weakness, painful states or unwellness that it is lacking something. It is the presence of the spirit and soul which is responsible for the maintenance of equilibrium. Therefore, in most cases, it is not sufficient and often counterindicated to heal a pain exclusively with material means and substances. In chronic diseases it is clear that the body needs the wise guidance from the essence. Light Essence Therapy is always healing and an essential columm for holistic healing of acute and chronic physical pain.

Every suffering requires healing otherwise it can transmute into illness. Light Essence flows into the body and from there it unfolds its healing potential on all levels. It penetrates through the energy field of man into the body, so that distant healing is possible. Every body has doors for the energy which let Light Essence pass easily from outside and from inside if they are not blocked. The Light Essence heals the Light Points, of which each person has 15 different ones, which also come in couples, like for example the kidneys.

Human Light Points by David Wared

The Light Points are opened in a session or by distant healing, if they hardly let any energy pass. Besides that, it is possible to fill all Light Points with Light Essence in order to energize the person. This serves before all prevention of illnesses or the general strengthening. The tratment of certain illnesses and symptoms requires first of all careful anamnesis, which forms an integral part of Light Essence Therapy. From it derives the selection of certain Light Points, which can be activitated in different ways.

Human Light Points by David Wared and their foot reflex zones

Other treatments methods

The use of colors, be it cards or color intensive light works superbly. But also Light Sound Therapy and music can support man in his healing process.

The LightYoga that I have developed has been taken from the classical yoga. I have made the asanas easier to perform without reducing their healing effect and then to change them so that through their practice the Light Points are activated. In this way yoga has known an evolution which makes it an all enhancing healing method. It is applicable at any age.

I have extended meditation to a generally applicable healing meditation, which I apply for Light Point Activation in general, in order to intune the patient for the streaming in of healing essence Also the therapist is best prepared to be able to accompany, counsel, assist, form and treat.

Moving supports most effectively the dissolution of blocked states. I have developed Energy Dancing for energisation and I have taught it worldwide.

Further applications of Light Essence are the Light Constellations, Light Psychology, Light Point Activation, Light Homeopathy, Healpainting, Healsounding and much more.

With this short information I would like to assure you that holistic healing is always possible and can be learnt by everyone. I am fortunate that you take an interest and I invite you cordially to come to the Light Awareness Academy and to get more information on these supremely important themes. Talks, seminars and heal meetings regularly find place there, also trainings which help you advance on your personal path and on your path as a healer.

I wish us all that Light Essence Therapy may be admitted officially by the State. That would enable us therapists to be able to assist people in need, more intensively. Through an official recognizin we can cancel the intransparent, legally unclear and confusing situation of healing. Thus we may offer Light Essence Therapy for the benefit of all people in Germany on a large spectrum. The actual official regulations are not sufficient concerning healing and they need to be reformed so that holistic healing is not pushed into the grey market. With this people`s rights may be protected, the competences of the healers, healing practicioners and doctors are cleared and we serve the well-being of all.

Light Essence Therapy raises man to his true, creative consciousness and creates the essential healing consciousness in the new time of Light Awareness. Humanity and the living community on our earth have longed for a change concerning the treatment of nature by man. Now it can become reality and paradise can be created.

Your David Wared

„The highest experience is healing in Unity.
The deepest experience is healing in Truth.
The farthest experience is healing in Freedom.
The softest experience is healing in Peace.
The sweetest and most beautiful experience is healing in Love.“

David Wared