Lichtessenztherapie Light Essence Therapy by David Wared

Light – Essence – Therapy

„Know, you are complete.
But also know, you have not yet lived your completeness.
Know, you are perfect.
But also know, you have not yet accomplished your perfection.“

David Wared

Light Essence Therapy is a globally usable therapy, which enables man and all that needs to be healed to accomplish healing. It is the first philosophically and practically founded healing therapy of mankind. It is founded upon an ancient family tradition and unites methods of physical, mental and spiritual healing. I have expanded and modernised this secret knowledge and published it for the first time in order to heal and help man with all his pain and suffering in a most effective way.

This therapy can influence, harmonize and dissolve all states of suffering and illness. On the ground of the symptoms which indicate a state of pain, we conclude to the cause and symptoms of the illness and we use the convenient methods. Activating the human Light Points (Link to media) is the basis of the treatment. Man is seen in his wholeness particulary as a being of body, soul and spirit. He is accompanied and counselled on his path towards healing, he receives training and support.

Light Essence Therapy is a healing therapy:

The efficiency of this therapeutical approach lies in the focus on consciousness for this is common to all men. Innumerable healing results have been obtained and documented with patients from all different cultural and geographycal backgrounds: Light Essence Therapy can bring healing in illnesses that so for have not been able to be healed. Because of the great challenges of the New Age, in which blocages caused by the present and the past concur, it is necessary for the surrival of mankind, to allow an all-encompassing philosophical and practical knowledge of the healing methods for all. For the love of our Mother Earth and its inhabitants I have made publicly accessible to this familiar and self-developed healing knowledge of Light Essence Therapy and I wish for a rapid application.

More than ever men need a new, expanded and before all efficient understanding of healing, because the times for experiments and incomplete concepts are over. It is not only an issue to help individual people to heal, so that they may fulfill their tasks, but in addition it is man`s duty to assume his responsibility for the damages caused to Mother Earth and to nature and also to participate in an effective way in these healing processes.

Light Essence Therapy is a method to save and to enlighten for the wellbeing of the whole via the knowledge of the causes and healing of illnesses, suffering and states of lacking. Man realises himself in serving man, nature and all creatures. He accomplishes this healing process as an individual, global and universal being, by launching liberation, healing and selfknowledge in its best possible way.

The Light Essence Therapy gives new answers to the old and so far not solved questions about suffering and healing. It makes obvious that the message to mankind of today cannot be “keep going”, but makes a new orientation necessary. The actual evolution lies in the spirit-soul aspects, that is to think further and before all in the great human faculty of feeling, of intuition and thus honor the spiritual and medial approach. To deal with these aspects and to allow them to grow within brings about a totally new recognition of the feminine principle in all domains of knowledge. Now the opportunity is given to cancel a deficit that has been effective for thousands of years and thus brings it to be healed, to be happy and to be fertile for all. Without the depth of universal and feminine consciousnesshealing and becoming whole is truly not possible on earth, as something essential is amiss.

The Light Essence Therapy does not leave aside any themes, any levels of observation or any proceedings for healing. It applies to the treatment of deficit states the inexhaustible, omnipresent, balancing and regulative Light Essence:

The method of Light Essence Therapy is holistic, because it describes man as a physical being with a spirit-soul core and observes and heals all levels in context. It comprises not only individual aspects of being human and its possibilities for action but restitutes the natural connection of the entire human beingness.

This therapy of the New Time encompasses all questions, themes and approaches of healing and links them together in a regulating, harmonious and deepentity. Clear and comprehensible this healing approach addresses modern man and opens up ways towards feeling and the connection with his heart. It is a healing method which I have gratefully accepted from the sources of my family tradition existing over the centuries and which I have taken further since my earliest child hood. Furthermore, I have immersed myself into western and oriental philosophies and I have added to them the themes of illness, healing and life development.

Humanity has since August 1974 at its disposal a well founded understanding of healing. In 1974 the philosophy of Light Awareness was revealed to me. It comprises theoretical principles as well as practical solutions and methods. It totally and completely fulfills the criteria of completeness. For me it means to form each person spiritually in order to enable him to acquire complete self knowledge. All people who long for a healed and blissful state and supreme wellbeing, sense that their own wellbeing includes, the wellbeing of others. This I have stated in the Light Awareness Philosophy.

The Light Awareness Therapy makes clear that a permanent healed state is possible and corresponds to the natural mental state of man. This discourse is about consciousness, or to put it differently, about the liberation from pain and deficient consciousness. The path to a complete and blissful whole state of healing is now clear and accessible for everyone and laid open in an understandable way. As a searcher for healing as well as a healing therapist you will find solutions with extensive explanations.