Lichtessenztherapie Light Essence Therapy by David Wared

Light Essence Therapy by David Wared

„Do not give man dogmas, but light for his spirit.
Do not give man hatred, but love for his soul.
Do not give man limitation, but liveliness for his life.“

David Wared

Light Essence Therapy was developed by the born healer David Wared in 1974 on the basis of a long existing healing tradition of his family. It is the direct way to support man as a being of body, soul and spirit, to heal and to free him from blocages and suffering in a sustainable way. Their methods start with knowledge and bring the creative, clearsighted and intuitive possibilities to live a healed and happy life into consciousness, so that they may be realised.

You are also able to live your liberation, your healing and your highest knowledge. Your longing motivates you from your inner source to be liberated, healed and in happy knowledge. You have the choice to follow the original self which is connected with all other beings and which wants to be free, alive and in harmony with all beings or you may allow false ideas to deceive you and to cause suffering.

Life in itself is healed, namely an expression of the eternal values of freedom, truth, peace, love and unity. Light Essence Therapy is the first, complete philosophical and scientific healing method which is the foundation of a natural healed state and which directly realises it. For the first time it is now given to anybody that is interested in it – for your happy selfdevelopment.