Lichtessenztherapie Light Essence Therapy by David Wared

Healing and philosophy

 „Unity is the deeper sense and the ultimate aim
of all paths, developments and accomplishments.“

David Wared

Healing and philosophy are highly interwoven. Philosophy deals with spirit, the consciousness raising and the education of man. The complete healing includes his liberation and hisself knowledge and therefore Light Essence Therapy is a process of spiritual growth. As a born healer I have developed a healing philosophy from which I have further developed the healing therapy issued from my family`s healing tradition. Expanded humanity is the core of ethics and corresponds to the highest orientation of human behaviour, which corresponds to the healing universal ethos. Light Essence Therapy has its foundation in philosophy and it makes it clear that man is the cause, the incentive and the accomplishment of his happiness, of his knowledge and of his healed state. In my philosophy of light awareness healing has an outstanding meaning, as without it a `love of wisdom` cannot be lived.

Love of wisdom can also be understood in the sense that it serves all beings. For that it is essential that it is healing, for only through healing man becomes aware of his essential levels and from his longing he lives peacefully, serving, truthfully, free and responsible. From the experience and realisation of the eternal values he becomes conscious of unity the highest value and therefore of the great importance, of community, unification and being one in himself and with others. Healing, growing in awareness and oneness are therefore the facets of human completion in the spirit.

Philosophy is the mother of all science and therefore the most important domain for the understanding of healing. Its potential for healing lies in the fact that it undoes the separating perspectives of man andexamines them in order to open up the way to liberation and self knowledge. When the philosophical way is expanded, which I have succeeded to do, then the limitations of the mind are overcome and the levels of feeling and unification are reached. This expansion of consciousness goes hand in hand with the freeing from conditionings either familiar or social and from one`s own sources. It allows to recognize more and more clearly the eternal values. Healsome acting happens from a serving ethos of these eternal values, not only towards fellow human beings but also towards all fellow beings and creatures including Mother Earth.

For the healing of men, all of humanity and of Mother Earth, I have developed Light Awareness Philosophy in order to show how through deep thinking and feeling, the mere knowledge is transcended into wisdom which inside creates a consciousness close to reality.

The wise person can recognize what causes illness and explore where in the meaning of illness and healing lies. His path of awareness includes his liberation, his healing and his knowledge. A therapy becomes holistic, when it includes that and therefore I have integrated a philosophical teaching, which frees thinking and opens it up for impulses from his intuition and from his higher mediumship.

Light Awareness Philosophy states that men, through the integration of that which is not seen or which is separated can more and more reach a consciousness of healing. Man approaches his essence and frees himself from the blockages and barriers to true knowledge so that he can live more and more according to the ethic principles of expanded humanity according to Light Awareness.

I have clearly formulated all the guidelines for a complete understanding of life and healing. They say that man is by no means determinated by fate or hazard but that he always has the choice to access his universal potential and to open up for becoming conscious and to be healed. The universal principles admit the path of knowledge as well as the limitation in finite concepts, as man has free choice. Beyond the reach of human blockages there lie bliss, eternity and pure reality, as there is no necessity for transformation or healing.

You decide how much you allow human concepts to lead you. The philosophy of the New Time counts eleven basic values, which are at the base of all existence in order to allow the realisation of the essential and eternal order and with it in all-connectedness with all that is. It contains the light principle of extension, the love principle of expression and the life principle of realization and development, which are valid on all levels of creation in eternal order, in harmony with all and in its unique vibration. The five eternal values describe the ethics of the expanded humanity. These are the commandments of the highest humanity. Their consciousness raising advances healing, their limitation creates suffering and so illness as the reality.

Truth, freedom, love, peace and unity stand beyond all discussion or human considerations. They can be our points of orientation and so we access universality or we can negate the real and thus act from our individual ego. The person who closes himself for the real, creates burdening circumstances which will need to be solved and thus can only find salvation through compensating healing.

Light Awareness Philosophy guides man towards liberation, healing and selfknowledge. These steps are necessary so long as he has not reached mastery over his life, in which he realises the true essence and not an identity of finite value. In complete self knowledge he receives the revelation that his essence within and the universal essence are in unity, so that separation will come from him.

The path of healing is the sense of human life in itself, and the new healing philosophy with the methods of Light Essence Therapy describes in a way which is compact and easily understandable how this path is walked on. For the coming together of heaven and earth through every human being I have, in total gratitude, written down this wisdom teaching and I live it in my daily life. I have given my life for it and I have passed it on in my therapeutical practice, in talks and seminars with much joy.

„We can, via healing, live, experience and become aware of the energy of unity.
So a life in freedom, truth peace, love and unity is possible
Thus the aim of our life and the task of our life can be accomplished.“

David Wared