Lichtessenztherapie Light Essence Therapy by David Wared

Light Essence Therapy by David Wared

“All that the Liberator gives us, is his liberation.
All that the Healer gives us, is his healing.
All that the knowing person gives us, is his knowledge.
All that the loving person gives us, is his love.”

David Wared

You are cordially welcome to my homepage about Light Essence Therapy. I am happy to present you a completely new approach to healing. It unites liberation, healing and selfknowledge and it promotes selfresponsibility. I have revealed this teaching on healing for the first time 1974 as the first therapy, which was completely issued from a philosophy of healing, the Light Awareness Philosophy by me. From this healing philosophy I have clearly and consequently developed Light Essence Therapy as its application. It always works for the benefit of all and does not exclude any illnesses of any living being.

It works holistically in body, soul and spirit. This humanity owns a method, which in a direct way makes accessible for every single person the totality of inner faculties, which itself liberates, heals and makes it possible to live in full awareness. It starts with the philosophical knowledge that becoming ill is caused by consciousness and healing also.

As the founder of Light Awareness Philosophy it was my concern to develop a healing method with which it is possible to dissolve suffering in a sustainable way, be it in human beings, in animals, in plants, in families and for Mother Earth herself. A life promoting energy, the Light Essence is always available, always promoting order and life itself for healers as well as patients. Through specific Light Point Activation blocages can be undone by different forms of application and a general increase in energy and vitality of the sick person can be obtained.

Light Essence Therapy in its multiple facets can be acquired in a 2-year-training. It shows methods and ways for a healed, happy and fulfilled human life. These methods use self liberation, self healing and self knowledge, as without self development healing is not possible.

My books about the Light Awareness can be purchased from Llichtbewusstsein-Verlag.

Thank you very much for your attention, I look forward to meeting you. For further information, we are entirely at your disposal.

Yours David Wared